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The New Standard
in Interoperability

 Achieve data fluidity, and share data with confidence.

Let Your Data Take Your Business to Higher Grounds

CMG Health empowers the collaborative action needed for the healthcare industry to be truly interoperable.

Cloud Analytics Modernization

With data modernization, healthcare organizations will be able to extract better insights from patient data and be able to make data-driven improved Health outcomes

Versatility in Application Development

CMG is the market leader in software development and consultancy services leveraging  technical competencies of our founders. 

Staff Augmentation 

CMG's professionals' credentialed, industry-cultivated knowledge base enables deployment of highly skilled experts that hits the ground running.

Full Customer Experience Service

With a customer centric, interaction based approach, CMG is able to increase customer satisfaction and overall project delivery

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

Interoperability facilitates safe, efficient, and patient-centered care.Individuals and caregivers can now access electronic health information in new ways to manage and coordinate care.The majority of health care activities, from health equity to public health emergency response, now require improving interoperability.

Interoperability is  ability of various information systems, devices, and applications (systems) to access, exchange, integrate, and cooperatively use data across organizational, regional, and national boundaries in order to provide timely and seamless information portability and improve the health of individuals and populations worldwide is what this capability entails.

Data can be accessed and shared appropriately and securely across the entire spectrum of care, within all applicable settings, and with relevant stakeholders, including the individual, thanks to health data exchange architectures, application interfaces, and standards.

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Interoperability is the property that facilitates unrestricted sharing and use of data or resources between disparate systems via local area networks (LANs) or wide area networks (WANs).


There are two types of data interoperability - syntactic interoperability, which is a prerequisite to semantic interoperability and enables different software components to cooperate, facilitating two or more systems to communicate and exchange data; and semantic interoperability, which refers to the ability of computer systems to exchange meaningful data with unambiguous, shared meaning.

Efficient automated data sharing between applications, databases, and other computer systems is a crucial component throughout networked computerized systems, especially interoperability in healthcare information and management systems.

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